Mixed boxes of 25 Cuban cigars

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Each is priced at 20% off vs buying individual sticks.

 Even the best Cuban cigar gets a little old when you have it every night.  Stock your humidor with one of our mixed boxes and then you can choose the cigar that fits your mood, the dinner you just finished and the company you keep.

Each is priced using the box per stick price so you save on your cigars or gift budget. 

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Montecristo created the Open Series specifically for enjoying during the game of golf.

 This mixed box comes with the following: 

 * 6 Montecristo Open Eagle 
* 6 Montecristo Open Master 
6 Montecristo Open Regata
* 7 Montecristo Open Junior

Total of 25 Montecristo Open Series Cuban cigars 


Mixed Box of 25 Montecristo Open Series
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each of the following Petit Coronas.
If you're new to the hobby, Petit Coronas are a great place to start.
Here are of the finest of Petit Coronas from Cuba!

 Cohiba Siglo II
* Montecristo No. 4
* Hoyo de Monterrey Coronation 
* H. Upmann Corona Major
 Romeo y Julieta Cedros Deluxe No. 3

Total of 25 Petit Corona size Cuban cigars 

Mixed Box of 25 Cuban Petit Coronas
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FIVE each of the following flagship Torpedoes from Cuba's finest factories.
Only the very best rollers are permitted to roll torpedoes and because of the larger size, only the best full tobacco leaves are chosen.
Flavors range from mild, medium to strong!  This mixed box is the finest introduction to Cuban cigars anyone new to the hobby could ask for.

 Montecristo No. 2 
* H. Upmann No. 2 
Partagas Serie P No. 2 
* Diplomaticos No. 2
 Vegas Robaina Unicos

Total of 25 Torpedo size Cuban cigars 



Mixed Box of 25 Cuban Torpedoes
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FIVE each of the following Robustos, great for the avid cigar lover.
Good choice for those cigar lovers that enjoy the larger ring gauges (large diameter).
Flavors mild, medium and strong from the finest of Cuba's factories!

 Ramon Allones Specially Selected
* Cohiba Robusto
* Partagas Serie D No. 4 
* Bolivar Royal Corona
 Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Total of 25 Robusto size Cuban cigars 

Mixed Box of 25 Cuban Robustos

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