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If you are seeking a reliable, service oriented, confidential & discreet cuban cigar supplier, you found us! We purchase cuban cigars imported to Canada from Havana House of Canada & ship them throughout the world! Havana House of Canada are the only authorized importer from Cuba into Canada and are partially owned by HabanosSA of Cuba.

This means our cigars come directly from Cuba to Havana House of Canada, then from us to you. Duties are already paid at point of import, and taxes only apply if you are in Alberta, Canada. Taxes are NOT charged when shipping outside of Canada.

New Canadian Plain Packaging Laws: Cigars come in small brown cardboard boxes now, vs the wooden boxes we are used to up until now. They also add a second plain band over the Cuban band on the cigar, but you just peel it off like a stick it note.

As the recipient, you are responsible for any local fees, taxes, duties or prohibitions in place at your specific location. Placing an order constitutes your request that we ship to your location and use the method you have requested.

We have been selling genuine Cuban cigars since 1993.

When you purchase Cuban cigars on our secure server, or by phone from one of our Personal Service Representatives, you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality Cuban cigars. We are mildly obsessed by freshness and quality, according to lovely wife.

PRICES: All prices are in US funds on International pages, and Cdn funds on the AB Resident pages (which also include the max of $8.61 tobacco tax per Cuban cigar. Sad but true, sigh...

It is the customers responsibility to pay any taxes or duties that may be required for their specific locale. It is important that while we are happy to follow your shipping request instructions, you must be responsible for complying with any local laws and regulations within your area.

To our valued Canadian Customers.
Due to Federal Tobacco regulations in Canada, we are not permitted to ship to consumers in other Provinces within Canada. (Yes, really... no kidding)

 All prices shown for International shopping pages are US funds.

Local Alberta residents can shop here:  https://www.canadiancigar.com/shop/indexAB.html

Please note due to Federal Tobacco Act regulations we are NOT permitted to ship to Canadian consumers in other Provinces or Territories.

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