Diplomaticos No. 2 BOX OF 25

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This Cuban brand was introduced in 1966. One of the few Havana brands which is exclusively devoted to handmade cigars, the sizes and names essentially mirror the Montecristo nomenclature and the Diplimaticos line is produced at the Jose Marti factory, as is most of the Montecristo range. They are generally considered to be medium to full bodied.

Further Information about this fine Cuban Cigar

Diplomaticos is a comparatively recent brand dating from the 1960s. It bears a marked resemblance to Montecristo, using numbers not names to describe its sizes.

Often the Diplomatoco No 2 Cuban cigar is refered to as the Montecristo No 2's "little Brother" but it's flavor stands on its own very well. 

Slightly milder than the true medium Monecristo, Diplomaticos offers a slight sweetness with an undertone of very light pepper.  Many find reminscent notes of fine saddle leather and hints of sweet cocoa.

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