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The Cuaba brand was the first new Cuban cigar brand to be introduced into commercial production since 1968. Historicaly, Cuaba is the Taino Indian word for the special cuban bush used to light the “Cohiba” or “Tobacco” on the Island. All of the Cuaba vitoles are in the figurado (perfecto) shape.

Further Information about this fine Cuban Cigar
Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as double figurado. This was the style that at the end of the 19th Century was all the rage for Habanos.
A century later, in 1996, this rich tradition was revived at the Romeo y Julieta factory where Cuabas are made.
Double figurados are at the pinnacle of the cigar maker’s art and for this alone they merit a place in every cigar enthusiast’s collection.
Cuaba, like Cohiba, is a Taino Indian word dating back to the time of Columbus. It was the word for a highly combustible bush, which the Indians used to light their "cohibas".

Cuban Cuabas have an earthly quality about them.  Small vitola may be considered strong I suppose, though at most a 5 1/2 of 10 and the larger will soften to about a 4 1/2 if 10.  The figurado offers a unique smoking experience in a very traditional shape cigar.  There are notes of mushroom, truffle oil, and musk overtones in the aroma.  Some find heavy coffee notes, but I find a reminiscent tone of used coffee grounds that are still ward (in a good way). 


Cuban CIgar Review

Cuaba Exclusivo   5 3/4 x 46 gorda

reviewed by Cameron M

Cuaba - I am a big fan of this boutique brand from Cuba.

I usually smoke the Distinguidos, however, this time I thought I would try the somewhat smaller Exclusivo.

The Exclusivo I smoked had a medium wrapper on the darker side close to a 4/6. I had this cigar with a 12 year old single malt Auchentoshan.

When first lit this smaller cigar had notes of a light oil with a hint of hazelnut. There were faint notes of cedar with a mild pepper undertone.

Overall my expectations for this cigar were not met. I still favor the Distinguido as more consistent and reliable though it could have been a one off experience.

My rating for this cigar is 86/100

CA Magazine's most recent rating was a 86/100 in Aug 2011

CM 2012