Trinidad Coloniales BOX OF 24 AB

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Since 1980, the Trinidad Fundadores has been produced exclusively for Fidel Castro. The only boxes that left Cuba were gifts to foreign diplomats. On February of 1998, the brand was officially launched as an export in Cuba. The cigars were first made available in Canada in April 1998. This Cuban cigar brand features one the Fundadore, which means Founder. It is similar in size to the Cohiba Lancero. Named after one of Cuba's most beautiful cities, the Trinidad is produced only in the El Laguito factory, and packaged in an 'unusual' quantity of 24. The newest addition is the Robusto Extra for 2004. This offers a full size cigar with the distinct Trinidad mildness and complexity. It promises to be a winner, with a CA writer personally rating it a 95 when first experienced.

Trinidad is named after the beautiful 16th Century city of La Santísima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), listed by UNESCO as a historical monument, which is situated on Cuba’s south coast.

Trinidad, as a Habano, dates back to 1969 but for many years, like Cohiba, it was made only for gifts to foreign diplomats. Not until 1998 was it released for general sale and then only in small quantities.  There is only one size of Trinidad, the Fundador or Founder. Although it resembles the Cohiba Lanceros in length and the finish of its cap, it is unique because of two extra ring gauge points added to its girth. It is made at El Laguito, the home of Cohiba, to its own particular recipe of tobaccos selected from the Vuelta Abajo region.

On 2003 the Trinidad’s vitolario is extended with new sizes and it were introduced changes in its corporate image more appropriate to the extraordinary quality of Trinidad. Three new formats: Reyes (40 ring gauge, 110 mm in the length), Coloniales (44 ring gauge, 132 mm in the length) and Robustos Extra (50 ring gauge, 155 in the length) are presented to the market in varnished wooden boxes of 12 and 24 units. Reyes and Coloniales are also available in 5-unit carton packs and Robustos Extra in 3-unit carton packs.

Trinidad is "totalmente a mano, tripa larga" — totally hand made, long filler.


Cigar Review

Trinidad Coloniales
Measures: 44 ring gauge x 4 1/3"
Reviewed by D Fraser 20

This cigar seems an odd size at first. Thicker than a corona and shorter of course. It allows the smoker to enjoy wonderful draw with a more subtle version of Trinidad's flavors.

This cigar was released in 2003 and has found a loyal following ever since. Those new to the hobby would do well to enjoy this cigar as a fine example of all a Habanos can offer the smoker.

Mellow and mild 4/10 with coffee with cream, slight nutmeg, some sweet nuttiness (almost almond)and a light leathery finish. Others find earth and spice in this cigar but I notice the coffee and cream more.

I highly recommend this cigar for its unique flavors and wonderful construction.

Its little brother, the Reye is a much stronger cigar, so I find the two offer very different experiences, yet both very enjoyable cigars.

In 2011 Cigar Aficionado Magazine gave the Coloniales a 90 rating. I would give the one I smoked a 92

DF 2012.



Cuban Cigar Review

Trinidad Coloniale

petit corona 44 x 5 1/3

A smaller cigar, but with a decent 44 ring. The saying "good things come in small packages" rings true here in spades!

Prelight aroma tantalizes with the typical tea and farm pasture one comes to expect from a fine Havana.

After lighting, my palate was immersed with loads of smoke that suggested hints of espresso mixed with dark chocolate, nougat and a indescribable velvety sweetness that was BALANCED and never cloying.

I savored this cigar with my friend Phillip, who agreed it had a sweet, complex and "silky smooth" finish that was perfectly balanced with our after dinner drinks of Balvenie 17 y/o Rum Cask Scotch.

This is a perfect "anytime" cigar smokable after breakfast, lunch, espresso or a light dinner. I don't think a heavy meal like a steak would pair well.

Overall my rating was a solid 93/100, and the cigar presented a medium strength. Surprisingly, the coloniale is sure to become one of my "go to" stogies

CA Magazines most recent rating was 90/100 Oct 2011

BG 2012