Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme BOX OF 25 AB

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el Rey Del Mundo

This Cuban cigar brand whose name means "The King of the World" was developed in 1848 and under the direction of Antonio Allones, is celebrated as one of the great Havana brands. Well known for it's dark and oily wrappers, it is available in a wide variety of models that are considered to be light in strength.


In 1882 the Antonio Allones factory, which had been making Habanos for over 30 years, decided to launch a new brand of premium quality and price. With great confidence but little modesty it was named "El Rey del Mundo" - The King of the World. It proved a winner.

This success lives on to this day in a selected range of Habanos renowned for its light to medium flavour and consistency.

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Cuban Cigar Review

El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

5 x 48 robusto

I recently smoked this cigar outside on a warm summer night while enjoying a 15 year old single malt Glenlivet. This cigar wrapper was on the lighter side I would say 2/6.

This is a medium body cigar that always has an effortless draw and shouldn't be missed. The entire cigar had notes of hazelnut and a dried cedar undertone.

I tasted brown buttered toast in the last third.

My overall rating for this cigar is 91/100

CA Magazine last reviewed this cigar as a 92/100 Aug 2011

CM 2012

reviewed by Cameron M