Fonseca Delicias - Silk wrap BOX OF 25 AB

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Established in late 1800's, this Cuban cigar presents a mild to meduim flavor. Fonseca is believed to be the first Havana brand to wrap the cigar with tissue. The flavours are subtle aromatic herbal, mild sugary sweetness balanced by a hint of saltiness.

Further Information about this fine Cuban Cigar

Don Francisco Fonseca founded his brand in the 1890s A handsome man, who cared deeply for appearances, he passed his artorial precision on to his cigars, which he dressed in silky tissue paper - a tradition that continues to this day on the four Habanos sizes that bear his name. Fonseca’s light blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region makes it the ideal cigar to follow a light meal.

Fonseca has a spice that is unique to the line amongst all Cuban cigars.  It is sort of a love or hate cigar flavor in that when it appeals to someone's palette they really fall for it.   Spice, earthy, sweet wood and raw leather are often used to describe Fonseca flavor profiles.