Bolivar Belicosos Finos BOX OF 25 AB

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...Introduced in 1901, the powerful flavour of the Bolivar range is almost as widely know as it's namesake, Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), the celebrated Venezuelan warrior who liberated all or part of what is today Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. This Cuban cigar brand was developed by the Jose Rocha Company and manufactured at the El Crepusculo factory, but was later acquired by Menendez, Garcia y Cia.

Further Information about this fine Cuban Cigar
Bolivar is a strong side line of Cuban cigars.  Each vitola is a little different in strength and flavor, though quite similar. An exception may be their regional edition cigars, such as this B2.  Not quite as strong as the regular line, but chock full of depth of flavor.

The Cuban Bolivar Belicoso Fino maintains the Bolivar tradition of robust and powerful cigars. Some slight citrus notes, a floral background and a hint of star anise give this cigar its complexity. Keep in mind, this cigar is a strong side (6 1/2 out of 10) on the scale. Very fine after dinner cigar that compliments any single malt or even a cup of strong coffee.  Especially good after a beef dinner, though this could just be my love for a great steak!



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