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Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina is the second of two new lines introduced by Habanos S.A. in the 90's. Vegas Robaina is named after D. Alejandro Robaina, who is famed for growing the finest wrapper in the Vuelta Abajo, (Pinar del Rio), region of Cuba for more than fifty years. These Cuban cigars are made from the best tobacco in Cuba, and feature wrapper grown on Sr. Robaina's farms. They are described as a medium-strong blend, characterized by an excellent aroma, wonderful presentation, and a fine burn.


The Robaina family have farmed tobacco continuously since 1845 on their precious vegas (fields) at Cuchillas de Barbacoa situated in the San Luis zone of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region.

Vegas Robaina cigars were introduced in 1997 as a tribute to the legendary ability of the family’s patriarch Don Alejandro Robaina, who is pictured on every box. They salute not only his skills but also those of his whole family and the great community of farmers on whose labours the reputation of Habanos is built.

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 Cuban Cigar Review

Vegas Robaina Famoso

5 5/8 x 48 robusto

Reviewed by Graham S

The Famoso is Vegas Robaina's robusto entry for their lineup. The 5 x 48 size makes it a popular cigar size and is one cuban cigar that should not be ignored.

It is a medium shade, 3 of 6 cinnamon brown wrapper.

The initial flavors on ignition brought graham wafer, cashews and dried orange peel to mind.

The flavors soften through the length of the cigar, moving towards black tea and earth tones on the finish.

This is a medium bodied cigar of 4/10 and well earned my score of 90/100.

Although not one of the more widely known brands from Cuba, Vegas Robaina is certainly one that should be investigated!

CA Magazine rated this cigar an 91/100 April 2011

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